Everyone wants a popular Web site. Use your Web server logs to find out how many visitors you get, where from, how long they stay and what they were looking for: ask your ISP how to get them.
If you can't get those details, put a free counter on your site (see below).

Counters slow down your site and - unless you're hugely popular - the numbers aren't likely to impress your visitors. also remember that Javascripts exist which randomly generate numbers, so the counter may appear bogus.

Better by far is to install a free hidden counter . Contact:


They will supply you with a password and user word and give you a choice of counters. My recommendation would be to add the hidden counter code between the <body> and </body> tags on the Home Page (not all pages).

Then, when you visit their site and log in, you will be presented with a summary of "hits".

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