Tutorial Difficulty Description  
Favicon A Favicon is a tiny (16 x 16 pixel) image that sits in the address bar of a website and gives the impression of a professionally-produced site.
Spry New to CS3 onwards, this is a great way to add interactive elements to your web page.
Adobe Kuler From CS4 onwards, this extension helps you create superb colour schemes.
No right-click A way to prevent images on your site from being "lifted" without your permission.
Dreamweaver Timesavers Advanced stuff! A walkthrough of the technologies involved with CS4
Hit Counter Want to know how many people are visiting your site? For free?
Advanced Form Validation Make sure your client enters all relevant information in a Website form.
Cascading Style Sheets Explore CSS and do the tutorial about spicing up forms and buttons...
Adding sounds to a page Add sounds or a tune to a Web page when it loads
Encode your E-mail link Keep spammers away from your Website email address
Generate a QR code Create a QR code for use on websites, business cards etc.
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